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this pizza dough recipe is easy to make, and creates a lovely, chewy dough that puffs up in some places and crisps up in others.

The key to good pizza is making sure that the oven is as hot as it can possibly get, and that you have either a pizza or bread stone or a hefty baking tray hot and awaiting the arrival of your pizza.


  1. Hi I like your recipes very much and liked your honesty of revealing your recipes to public even though you are running a take away outlet most of the people will keep it secret, inshallah your outlet should go places and many more outlet you should open.

  2. salam
    i have a q.pls ye bata dein k take way wali or ye recipie same hei to aap ne itna time q rakhane ka bataya . mean kia hum b is straightaway bake nahi kr sakte. agar karte hein to kia pizza crust harab ho ga.?????