On this video I’ll show you how to make a Margherita Pizza from scratch and cook it on the grill.
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  1. Have you ever tried it with the tomato just drained and hand crushed? Maybe just some salt and pepper? I love it that way. I guess it is really all about that pure tomato flavor with the mozz, basil, and crust. That said, that sauce looks great. I'm a pretty advanced Italian cook and most folks don't use enough garlic or even red onion which adds a wonderful sweetness. Limoncello is epic. My family made it in Italy.

  2. WOW.. That Pizza looks out of this world !! Not sure if I am asking too much but have you considered a link with the recipe that we can print? Great Job !! My stomach just growled watching the video

  3. great looking pizza.  A good tip to keep a crust crispy is to let the pizza sit on a wire rack for 10 mins that way mopisure wont build up on the bottom making it soggy.