how to make pizza Easy Home made pizza recipe best tasting honey crust-Heres every thing you need to know to make the best home made pizza from scratch. Try the crust to make pigs in a blanket or bread sticks – this recipe makes 4 pizzas – eat one now and save the rest-the dough will last in the fridge 3 or 4 days. Enjoy


  1. omg you realy need all this stuff? all you need to make a fast and easy pizza is (Flour,Water and then, Cheese Tomatom) Done!!

  2. no wonder Americans don't know how to cook! Do you really think that this is good? Look at the ingredients! You are crazy! Come to Italy and learn how to make a real dow with 5 quality ingredients: flour, water, OLIVE oil, yeast and salt! That's it!

  3. Honey crust? So it's a bit sweet tasting, right? I don't think I've ever had pizza crust like that. I have a ton of honey to waste, so maybe I'll try it.

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