Chef Pasquale Sorrentino shows us how to make authentic Neapolitan pizza dough.


  1. Many thanks! A great video for those really interested in making Pizza Napolitana. Interesting that you run the spiral mixer only on low speed. I'll try this – I've been doing 4 minutes on high speed after mixing in the ingredients on low.

  2. filming video tutorials is not as easy as the majority think. Some helpful pointers if this guy ever wants to do another one. We do not need to watch him fill five kilos of flour and we also don't have to watch him roll out 6 balls. This would have cut down on the length of the video. And unfortunately there's no mention of how warm that water was supposed to be for the yeast or the actual name of the yeast and where to purchase it. I'm having trouble finding fresh yeast in my neck of the woods