How to make a baked bean pizza, proper edible nostalgia!
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I always remember baked beans pizzas when I was growing up as a kid that I had from time to time as a treat, unfortunately as far as I know you cannot get them any longer. Therefore I thought it is only fair to attempt a homemade baked bean pizza, with a little modern twist, using a homemade crust and some mozzarella dollops.
There used to be a baked bean pizza with sausage too i’m fairly certain but play around with it, for such a simple recipe it is still one of the tastiest things i’ve ever eaten!

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  1. Hi Barry, I tried your recipe and failed miserably. I'm in Canada so I used all purpose flour as we don't have 'strong bread flour' and quick rise yeast seemed to be equivalent to easy blend. The dough was a sticky mess and never made a ball, even after adding more flour 🙁 were my ingredient substitutions wrong?

  2. Mmm… I love heating baked beans covered with cheese so it grills a BBQ like topping then eating it after its drizzled on buttered toast. Before heating, I add chopped tomato, paprika, salt and pepper. Mmmmmmm

  3. Brilliant Execution!
    One of my childhood fav dishes is "Heinz" Vegetarian Beans (in spiced tomato sauce) heated and poured out in a large bowl on top of Toasted Wheat Bread, then topped with a generous portion of Cheese… The melted cheese and bean sauce would gently soak a bit of the toasted bread and together would have a great crunch on the edges of the toast. Of course that dish would be eaten with a large soup spoon; What you have demonstrated is perhaps the more "Grown-up Version".
    I also love to make fresh pizza from scratch, so cannot wait to share a version like this with my mother. (gluten free for her though, hehe)

  4. This recipe drives me crazy, because you give the dough quantites for 2 pizza doughs and made me screw it up. Next time why don't you do us a favor and give a list of ingredients for 1 pizza (and 1 dough).

  5. What exactly are British beans like? A simple tomato sauce and beans, I imagine? Here, most beans are in brown-sugar sauce and I don't think it'd taste too good on a pizza. This looks really good, though.